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Franchuk Vsevolod Petrovich.

Education and qualification: higher, Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute after Artem, mining mechanical engineer (1959).

Post: Professor (1986), Head of the Chair Mining Machinery and Engineering (1991), Director of the Center MES of Ukraine on technology D///D and CALS.

Scientific degree, specialty: Doctor of Technical Sciences, 01.02.06 - Dynamics, strength machines, devices and equipment (1984).

Academic rank, awards: Doctor of Technical Sciences in the department of mining machinery and engineering (1991), Honored Science and Technics of Ukraine, Honorary Doctor of Donetsk National Technical University, Academician of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Academician Lifting Transport Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,, Academician of International Academy Informatization, Academician of International Academy the authors of inventions and discoveries, Academician of European Academy of Natural Sciences, Corresponding Member of the the Academia Mining Sciences of Ukraine, Distinguished Professor NMU, full gentleman of the mark "Miner's Glory", sign "For scientific achievements".


Taught cources


Name of course

Direction of education, specialty


Introduction to professional activity of specialist.

6.050503 Design of Machines

7(8).05050309 Mining Machines and Complexes


Fundamentals of Machine Dynamics.


Inzhiniring of Mining Machines.


Methodology of scientific research.


Calculation and design of mining machines for extraction

of minerals.


Research Interests and Research Areas:

1. Theory, principles and methods of construction vibrating machines technological purposes.

2. Development of the theory, calculation methods and principles of design of equipment for deepwater extraction of

solid minerals.

Research and teaching publications: 83 patents, 4 monographs, 1 textbook, 1 manual, 290 scientific publications in journals,

5 methodical instructions. More about it

Consultations: Monday: 12.55 - 14.15 room 13, building 2.

Contacts: ffice - room 13, building 2; Tel. (0562) 474-553; E-mail:

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