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Rutkovskiy Maksim Aleksandrovsich


Education and Qualifications: Graduated in 2010 National Mining University on specialty "Mining engineer mechanic".

Position: Assistant Lecturer Department of Mining Machines and Engineering. The Certified Associate (СSWA) Certificate ID: C - LWSVG5R55B.  

Scientific degree, speciality: Candidate of Technical Sciences, 05.05.06 – Mining Machines, since 2013.  

Dissertation for the degree of candidate sciences on : "Justification and develop a method for determining the design loads of drum winders hoist".  

Taught cources and educational work
Name of courseDirection of education, speciality
Engineering of mining machines and complexes6.050503 «Design of Machines»
 7.05050309 «Mining Machines and Complexes»

Scientific interests:  

1. Research and optimization of structures drum hoisting machines.  

2. The disc brake of hoisting machines.  

Scientific and educational-methodical works: 24 Articles, including patents for utility model 5, a patent for an invention, 5 Reports at conferences.. Read More  

Contact information: Оffice - room 7, building 2; Tel.: (0562) 469960  

Personal folder: Information for students  

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