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Authors:  assoc. prof. Bondarenko A.A. 


Underwater mining and hydrotransportation of sand and gravel soils. The limiting size of pumped particles is limited by inner diameter of air feeder.


The main element of system of extraction and hydrotransportation ejector pump dredger ZNS 630-90  EJECTOR PUMP DREDGER ZNS 630-90is the suction head SGZ 630-90, diagram of which shown in figure 1.

Suction head consist of pressure tube 1, pressure cavity 2, air feeder 3, system of ejection 4 and wash off 5 injection head, mixing chamber 6, bottleneck 7, and dredging pipe 8.

SGZ 630-90 works as follows: water in pressure pipe 1 fed under pressure into the pressure chamber 2. From the pressure chamber, water expires on through the spray burner 4 into the mixing chamber 6 and through the wash out injection heads 5 expire in array of soil blurring and pervade him. Under the influence of high-pressure water jets, flowing through the ejection heads 4 into the mixing chamber 6 into the air feeder 3 formed a region of rarefaction, under the influence of which prepared in a face soil moves in the mixing chamber 6, where the streams are mixed. Through the bottleneck 7 pulp transported to the dredging pipe 8, after which - to place of storage or recycling.


Ejector pump dredger ZNS 630-90 has passed experimental-industrial tests, which determined its operating characteristics:

  • the type of soil - incoherent sand, gravel, grain size up to 180 mm;
  • the depth of development - up to 8 m;
  • distance transportation of sand and gravel pulp horizontally - up to 250 m;
  • working pump - D 630-90;
  • pump drive – diesel JMЗ 238 (250 kW);
  • productivity on slurry - 1100 m3 / h;
  • performance by soil - 90 t / h.
  • The obtained results allowed to recommend ejector pump dredger ZNS 630-90 for production. Made two machines ZNS 630-90 in climatic versions "Europe" and "Africa". Currently ejector pump dredger ZNS 630-90 successfully exploited during development of river gravel in Ukraine and diamond deposits in the Republic of Liberia (Fig. 2).

    Fig. 2. Ejector pump dredger ZNS 630-90

    Fig. 2. Ejector pump dredger ZNS 630-90


    In the experimental-industrial tests ejector pump dredger ZNS 630-90 revealed such advantages and disadvantages:


  • the possibility of extraction and transporting clumpy particulate materials;
  • constructive reliability jet pump due to the lack of rotating and moving parts;
  • production simplicity and low cost of equipment;
  • maintainability and ease of maintenance.
  • Disadvantages

  • the main disadvantage of ejector suction-tube dredger is low pressure that created by the jet pump.

    “National Mining University “Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.
    Candidate of Technical Sciences, assoc. prof. Bondarenko A.A.
    тел. +38-050-362-84-38
    URL: www.AABondarenko.narod.ru, E-mail: gidravlik@ukr.net

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