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Incredible pictures from around the world

Incredible pictures from around the world


Representatives of Swaziland to the United Nations.

Amazing cypress Caddo Lake.


To one of the coasts of Iceland, landed iceberg.

In a Japanese garden blossomed mountain pink flowers.

Dispenser for dry soap.

Formic force.

A relative of the famous piranhas - terapon Goliath.

The most unusual orchid with monkey muzzle.

Butterfly is located in the eye socket skull, creating the illusion of the eye that looks at you.

Apple tree and an apple: Mother with the first-born back in '41 and her first-born daughter yesterday.

Carbon airgel - the lightest-solid material in the world.

The Nigerian army has found and shot the crocodile eats the inhabitants of the local village.

Neapolitan Mastiff named Hercules, is the largest dog in the world.

In the Iraqi province of Salah al-Din, the wedding of the father of 16 children - 92-year-old Mohammed al-Musali Mudzhamaye - a girl who is 70 years younger than him. Chosen MM Al-Mudzhamaye a 22-year-old Muna al-Juburi Muhlif.

Indian commandos.

Residential house in Serbia.

Horned caterpillar

Fields of tulips.

Dutch boy with a pillow tied at the back to cushion the fall on ice skates. The Netherlands, 1933.

In 1898, Bayer launched a drug Diacetylmorphine (chemical formula C21H23NO5) as a substitute for morphine dangerous, the caller is known to be a serious relationship.
More famous is the commercial name ... Heroin.
From 1898 to 1910 heroin was sold as a medicine for cough for children!

Chameleon color hand made.

He left his Huskies only for a moment ...

A good photographer weight in gold!

Would look like Barbie with a figure of an ordinary woman.

Huge "Like" of 2400 people.

Chesham neck right!

When lightning strikes the sand.

Sunset on Mars (Mars rover Spirit, NASA, May 19, 2005).

Arabian sand cat.

The biggest rabbit in the world.

The baby lies in the arms of the figure of the deceased mother during the war, which he painted in the courtyard of the orphanage. Out of respect, even to the figure of his mother, he took off his shoes.

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