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Fashion for radioactivity

Fashion for radioactivity

Fashion on the radioactivity came into the world a hundred years ago, together with chemical weapons and the doctrine of Freud. When Madame Curie spent all the money from the Nobel Prize on development of the portable X-ray machines and training of military doctors, between the words "radiation" and "miracle" booming industry put an equal sign . Radiation and its sources came out of the doors of the laboratories to be store-bought item. It also appeared on the shelves and in advertising ...

There is a set for Children "Young nuclear scientist". This set design included four types of uranium ore, source of beta- and alpha- radiation lead-210, a source of pure beta rays ruthenium -106 , gamma emitter (presumably zinc -65), different devices and cloud chamber with short-lived isotopes of polonium, decaying, emitting alpha radiation.

The girls were promised that their faces will shine with happiness, radium and thorium.




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