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Department of Mining Machines and Engineering
National Mining University


Position: Associate Professor of Department of Mining Machines and Engineering "NMU", since 2006

Title: Associate Professor, since 2013

Academic degree: Ph.D., 05.05.06 - mining machines, since 2005

Education: 1990, Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute named after Artem, mining engineer – mechanic

Started in "NMU" 2006

Workplace: 2 building, room. 13

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Reads following disciplines:

Mining machines and systems (lectures, practical and laboratory classes)

Technology and equipment of mining production (lectures, practical and laboratory)

Hoisting and transport Machine (lectures, practical and laboratory)

Bases of maintenance of quality of design documentation (lectures, practical and laboratory classes)

Calculation and design of mining machines and systems (practical and laboratory)

Basics of designing of mining machines for underwater mining (lectures)

Head of course and diploma projects and works of bachelors and masters, of educational, industrial, externship students

Standardized control of the graduation projects bachelors and masters

Educational and Methodical materials for the courses listed>>>

Scientific interests, Areas of individual research activities

Research and development of equipment for underwater mining

Research liquid filter systems with flat screens and counterflow regeneration of filter elements, creating designs of automated filters for technical water

Scientific Publications

43 scientific articles, 3 abstracts of scientific conferences, 13 patents, 6 educational and teaching materials. Read more

Professional development

2010 was training at the Department of Applied Mechanics Dnepropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport named after academician V. Lazaryan specialty "lifting machine". 2014 was training in CJSC "Ukrainian Research Institute of Technology of mechanical engineering" by specialty "Technology of mechanical engineering".

Knowledge of software products

Мicrosoft Оffice, MathCad, КОМПАС

Knowledge of foreign languages

Russian, Ukrainian - fluent, French and English - read, write and speak slowly


Born in 1966 in Dnepropetrovsk.

1973-1981: secondary school in Dnepropetrovsk.

1981-1985: Student of Dnepropetrovsk Radio instrument making college.

1985: Honours qualification: Technician - Technologist mechanical treatment metals.

1985-1990: Student of Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute named after Artem.

1990: Honours qualification: mining engineer - mechanic.

1990-2005: Design Engineer Research and Design Institute "Okeanmash."

1999-2003: PhD student on the job of the National Mining Academy of Ukraine.

2005: Ph.D. in specialty 05.05.06 - Mining machines.

2006 - present: Associate Professor of mining machinery and engineering.


personal website: www.vkuhar.narod.ru

personal e-mail: viktor.kuhar.66@gmail.com,

phone +38 (056) 3729436,

mobile phone +38 (067) 6326931

mobile phone +38 (066) 6609468

Schedule a consultation

Monday, 11.20-12.40, room 2/13.

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