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Ball cleaning system (BCS) of ) tubular capacitors units

02/18/2014 Associate professor of department of mining machinery and engineering Viktor Kuhar and vice. director of ООО "Oceanmashenergo, Ltd" Dmitriy Kudryavtsev as part of tender held a presentation for management and technical specialists Belotserkovskaya CHP equipment ball cleaning system (BCS) tubular capacitors units ## 1 and 2.


Ball cleaning system is designed to prevent deposits of organic and mineral matter and the formation of deposits on the inner surfaces of the cooling condenser pipes of power by transmitting power in the process of sponge rubber balls

Principle of operation BCS is to provide circulation through condenser tubes of porous rubber ball having a diameter of 1-2 mm greater than the internal diameter of the tubes. When moving the tubes from their beads removed any internal surfaces in their initial deposition stage, preventing their further growth. BCS works as follows

In an loading device of balls 3 laid certain amount (3-5% of the number of tubes in the condenser) of porous rubber balls 7

Balls are served in the penstock 12 through the input device 5 balls before entering the condenser.

With the flow of cooling water sequentially balls pass, compressing, through each tube condenser 11, purified of inorganic and organic pollution prevent the formation of deposits in the tubes.

At the outlet of the condenser to drain water line 13 balls caught device for catching balls 2, from pump pumping balls 4 through loading device 3 balls back to the discharge conduit 12 and the cycle is repeated

In the water line 12 to the input device balls 5 is installed pre-filter water 1. The filter cleans the water from contamination larger than 3...5 mm.

BCS work in semi-automatic mode, controls, automation and control unit 10. For BCS can be used balls, manufacturers of Ukraine, Germany or Russia. Approximate resistance balls - about 300 hours (depending on the condition of the tubes). With no further purification BCS tubes is not needed.

During the discussion of the presentation numerous questions about the design elements BCS "Oceanmashenergo, Ltd", about how it differs from the BCS Russian and German manufacturers, of technical solutions for the most crucial nodes filter pretreatment and device for catching balls were asked. The station specialists were completely satisfied by the answers.

Within the next few days decision of the equipment BCS and its implementation on the blocks ## 1 and 2 during 2014 purchase by Belotserkovskaya CHP upon review of the tender offer materials "Oceanmashenergo, Ltd" and based on the results of the tender committee presentation equipment.

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